Tea Workshops


Drinking Tea is part of our everyday life, but we actually know very little about its culture.
The Artistry of Tea is deeply rooted in the Asian Culture and can be highly complex.
Learn more about tea appreciation and proper brewing techniques, while enjoying BASAO’s finest collection.
Our Tea Sommeliers invite you to join them on a discovery journey.

We offer various workshops from basic tea introduction to focus classes on one specific tea.
Dive in with us in the world of tea.

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Our Tea Sommeliers

The mission of our certified tea sommeliers is to inspire you to better understand tea.
Learn about traditional Chinese Gongfu tea ceremonies, classical Japanese Matcha preperation to more contemporary ways of tea making, like our very own nitrogen-infused cold brews, our tea sommeliers can answer all your questions.

BASAO’s team of passionate tea artists are looking forward to meet you in one of our teahouses.
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