Where our Tea comes from…

We at BASAO specialise in single origin tea from China, Taiwan, Japan, India, Sri Lanka and Nepal.
To guarantee the great quality of our produce, we control the whole process from a leaf to your cup. In order to do so, we are working closely with tea farmers.


We work closely with a handful of tea gardens arcoss Asia, where artisan growers employ timeless and authentic production methods whilst respecting and nurturing the soil. We dedicate all we do to holistic ecology by supporting innovation sustainable agriculture solutions to reduce pollution, erosion and natural resources degradation, while producing safer and healthier products for the communities.

What is sustainable agriculture?

  • Develop efficient, self-sufficient and economical production systems
  • Preserve and protect biodiversity and territories
  • Optimize the use of natural resources
  • Manage the quality of air, water and soil
  • Increase energy efficiency in food production and distribution

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