Gongfu teabags collection

“Gongfu” implies the pursuit of deliberate and handcraft spirit over the tea brewing and tasting journey.
BASAO’s Gongfu teabags carry the core value of Gongfu Tea, selecting the best clean-grown teas from around the region.

Discovery collection

Inspired by nature, BASAO tea engineers advocate holistic ecology and the craft of tea as a form of art.
We aim to pioneer a “modern era of tea culture” and to work closely with tea farmers across Asia, to promote sustainable cultivation and production of high-quality tea.

Signature collection

Our selection of Signature Teas has been years in development.
From as far west as Nepal to the far east of Japan, we found these unique teas on our inspiring journey.
This selection has a wide range of new aroma, tastes, texture and stories for you to discover.

Gifts & Accessories

Searching for a present for your loved ones or want to treat yourself? – We got your back! Choose from our own brand’s chocolate creations and curated tea teaware from around the world – This selection will offer something for everyone.

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