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Take a tea tour around the world with the newest Assorted Gongfu Teabags Set. Experience BASAO’s bestselling tea flavors in a set, from Nepal, Sri Lanka to China, covering floral high-mountain Dancong oolong, aromatic Earl Grey, savoury Dragon Well and refreshing Jasmine Green tea, this set allows you to brew your perfect cup of tea anywhere, anytime. 

Around the World Gongfu Teabags set includes 10 flavours of tea. These teas are:

Assorted I

Chin Shin Oolong, Wudong Dancong, Jasmine Green, Summer Shimmer, English Breakfast

Assort II

Dark Roast Tie Guan Yin, Jin Xuan Oolong, Da Hong Pao, West Lake Dragon Well, Hand-rolled Nepali Tips

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