Lingia First Flush
Darjeeling, India . Black Tea


Nestled comfortably on north-western edge of Darjeeling is the famed Golden Valley, home to Lingia, one of the appellation’s perennial standout tea gardens. A custom production from this season’s choice garden sections 22, 1, and 9, this coppery and exotic FTGFOP1 second flush is a classic expression of early Darjeeling summer.

For 450ml water at 70°C use 5g of tea leaves, brew for 3.5 mins.
Character: Tender sweet and fruity
Aroma: Night-blooming jasmine, citrus peel
Flavour: Orange blossom, hints of rose
Appearance: Bright and butterscotch gold
Altitude: 850 - 1850m
Latitude: N 27° 02′
Season of Harvest: Spring

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