Lingia First Flush
Darjeeling, India . Black Tea


Nestled comfortably in the Golden Valley of Darjeeling; Lingia is a perennial standout of the gardens among one of the finest appellations in the world.The best teas from Darjeeling are unmistakable in character and undeniable in quality.This FTGFOP1 of the first flush is from the 7th and 8th invoices produced very early in the spring season with a very lively green and silvery leaf.The taste and aroma is bright and floral and the experience is quintessentially Darjeeling.

For 450ml water at 70°C use 5g of tea leaves, brew for 3.5 mins.
Character: Tender sweet and fruity
Aroma: Night-blooming jasmine, citrus peel
Flavour: Orange blossom, hints of rose
Appearance: Bright and butterscotch gold
Altitude: 850 - 1850m
Latitude: N 27° 02′
Season of Harvest: Spring

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