(NEW!) Single Origin Tea Appreciation & Brewing Workshop
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Pre-book your exploratory tea journey to learn more about single origin tea. Experience the sensory pleasure of how the aroma and flavour of teas that have brought out to different extents under different brewing methods. Through the tea workshop, you shall be leaded to taste 3 type of rare teas selected by BASAO’s tea master focusing on a special theme.

February workshop – Spring Festival

  • Introduction of Honey & Orchid, Lingia Second Flush and White Peony
  • Feb 19 – 20; 26 – 27, 2021 | Friday 5pm – 6pm; Saturday 10:30am – 11:30am
  • Class size: 1– 5 pax / workshop
  • Class duration: 1hour
  • Class fee: HK$398/ pax
  • Class venue: BASAO @ Moon Street
  • Class language: Cantonese

How to enroll:

  • Complete payment on website
  • Remark your preferred class schedule
  • A follow-up email from BASAO team to confirm your class schedule
Season of Harvest:

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