Pre-Qingming Dragon Well
Hangzhou . Green Tea


Selected from the ecological tea garden of Longjing production area in Hangzhou, this aromatic tea embodies the flavour of beans and brown rice, with a delicate fragrance of angelica that is unique to this variety. The tender sweet and crisp fresh flavour of the emerald green brew is mellow yet long-lasting.

Teapot: For 450ml water at 85-90°C use 4g of tea leaves, brew for 5 mins.
Character: Floral and savoury
Aroma: Whole Grains, tropical Fruit
Flavour: Roasted chestnut, Fried soybean
Appearance: Clean Light Golden Yellow
Altitude: 105 - 125m
Latitude: N 30° 12’
Season of Harvest: Spring

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