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BASAO captures tea aromas, fragrances of seasons, the spirit of traditions and the strength offered by nature. This is how our tea creates an authentic and mindful experience which wakes the senses and feeds the soul.

While BASAO is respecting traditions, we have also dedicated ourselves to explore tea in new and creative ways. We believe, that changing perspectives on traditional approaches, can sometimes lead to refreshing new concepts. This is reflected in our products, which carry the quintessence of classic tea reinterpreted.

“A brew for the mind, a cup for the soul.”

“a brew for the mind, a cup for the soul.”

Our Vision

In the fast-moving world, our lives are filled with tasks, obligations and distractions. BASAO tea is crafted to cultivated calmness and presence of mind. A cup of organic tea helps refreshing the body and sharpen the thoughts which let us perceive the world with a clear mind and open heart.

Our Community

We are a community of people, among other things, who love the experience of cultivating, producing, discovering, and drinking amazing teas from around the world.

BASAO Community is made up of travelers, athletes, musicians, anthropologists, writers, philosophers, scholars, photographers, painters, craftspeople, humanists, ecologists, yogis and environmentalists. We are actively engaged participants of passing along delicious equitable, clean and responsible sourced teas.

Our Tea SoMMeliers

The mission of our certified tea sommeliers is to inspire you to better understand tea.

Learn about traditional Chinese Gongfu tea ceremonies, classical Japanese Matcha preperation to more contemporary ways of tea making, like our very own nitrogen-infused cold brews, our tea sommeliers can answer all your questions.

BASAO’s team of passionate tea artists are looking forward to meet you in one of our teahouses.